Circuit Energy Group has created a “Holistic Energy Management Program” to ensure each client receives the greatest value from every dollar spent on their energy budget.

We serve a wide variety of clients whose energy costs are a significant part of their budget. We can help clients no matter the sector. If your business includes manufacturing or production facilities, warehouses, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, municipal buildings or classroom buildings, there are cost savings solutions that apply to you.


Circuit Energy Group is a full-service energy solution provider, specializing in the procurement and management of electricity and natural gas. Our custom programs are designed to simplify energy management and deliver the intended benefits of energy deregulation. Starting with a comprehensive utility bill audit, we analyze opportunities in deregulated energy markets and negotiate energy supply contracts. Our procurement process leverages extensive market experience allowing us to professionally deliver consistent client savings, while managing both short- and long-term market risks. CEG maintains a high commitment to market research and supplier relationships, that provides our clients with the confidence necessary to manage your energy budget in the volatile energy market.

CEG works with all commercial property professionals from building owners to property management firms, HOA organizations and franchise owners. We will analyze each client’s unique load profile and work with them to forecast future usage increases or decreases.

The most significant savings are from the energy you do not use. Circuit Energy Groups holistic energy management program helps business of all sizes save money, energy, and the environment.

LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are some of the most efficient lighting methods available. LED lights can produce the same illumination as traditional incandescent light bulbs while using much less energy.

LED lighting will also generate less heat, thereby wasting less energy, and are unmatched in their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, design flexibility and environmental friendliness.

Our lighting engineers will evaluate your lighting and energy situation and help you find the best solution for your lighting system. Our design team works with new lighting fixtures and retrofitting kits. CEG experts will work with you and help design a more efficient and money-saving solution to your facilities lighting needs.

Demand Response

Circuit Energy Groups demand response programs provides qualifying clients with the opportunity to generate revenue by reducing your energy requirements when requested by the power grid and/or during periods of high electric demand. Our established relationships with demand response companies work with you to determine how a demand response program could work into your operation and enhance your energy budgets.


CEG makes it easy and affordable to “go solar”. Solar Energy is a cost-effective environmental source of electrical power generation. Our solar experts will qualify your business and professionally navigate you through the complex financial decision of an asset purchase, lease or a PPA program. Our goal is to help move your business towards a more sustainable future.

From family-owned operations to corporate headquarters businesses of all sizes are realizing the benefits of going solar. If you’re looking to cut utility costs and help the environment, it makes financial sense to invest in a commercial solar installation.

Our team of experts provides the solar engineering skills required to ensure a cost-effective design, installation, and interconnection. Commercial solar projects may take the form of rooftop arrays on your building or ground mounts and can range in size from kilowatts to megawatts. Our customer value is understanding their business, industry & equipment, along with the financial considerations of going solar.


Co-gen, or cogeneration, is when two or more separate forms of energy are produced by the same source. This is useful for creating extra energy by using a by-product of the production of the main energy source. For example, waste heat from a production process can be gathered and used in addition to the main energy product.
This form of production can increase efficiency from 30 percent for a central power plant to around 80% for a Co-Gen system. It is an excellent long-term solution and investment for saving a significant amount of money on energy, and it is much more environmentally friendly and efficient while providing you with extra protection against potential blackouts and/or brown outs.

Building Automation

Building automation is the automatic centralized control of a building’s HVAC, security systems and other interrelated systems. Building Management Systems provide a holistic view of building performance and manage energy usage. You can visibly manage HVAC, lighting, power and access control for a single facility or multiple locations. Building automation also resolves the long-standing issue of comfort vs. efficiency.

EV Charging

Our EV Charging installers provide top of the line electric vehicle charging stations along with high quality installations for your business. Electric vehicle charging stations can help your business attract influential customers and high-quality employees. Our experts will help you find the perfect new electric car charging stations for whatever kind of commercial property you own or manage.

Electric cars save energy, promote health, are environmentally friendly and are growing in popularity more rapidly than any other type of car in the industry. Vehicles powered by electricity will be the standard of the automotive industry and it is important that the infrastructure meets the demand created by electric vehicle technology.


Introducing sustainability into your energy management plans. Purchasing renewable energy goes beyond investing in Solar. Our energy management program will complement your sustainability initiatives, offering green energy options to our procurement services. Many different green energy options are available with terms that fit your budget.

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