About us

Circuit Energy Group is a cost reduction/risk management resource in the commercial energy space, helping businesses manage their energy costs through procurement strategies, efficiencies and renewable solutions that are customized to each individual client’s unique energy load profile.

Deregulation of electricity and natural gas markets has created energy procurement opportunities for many companies. However, taking full advantage of these opportunities requires an in-depth knowledge of utility tariffs and rules, as well as an understanding of potential risks and rewards.

Circuit Energy has the expertise to help your company identify opportunities for energy rate savings created by energy deregulation (also known as third party energy supply) including efficient new green energy solutions.

“An electrical circuit is a closed path that allows electricity to flow from one point to another”. Circuit Energy Group is your connection to top professionals that work together to best manage your facilities’ energy consumption.

How Can We Help your business? What’s the process?

Helping businesses in the volatile deregulated energy markets manage their budgets, while minimizing risk is what we do. Your local utility will continue to provide delivery services to your facility, so only the supply portion of your bill is affected.  There is no incremental cost to you for  taking advantage of our services.


We start with your energy bill. We do an assessment and then request pricing via an RFP from all licensed suppliers in your area.


We provide you with a quote sheet that summarizes the supplier quotes and terms and you select the best option. At that point, the winning supplier will provide a contract for execution.


Your utility will confirm via written notice that you have taken advantage of the Energy Choice program.


Our daily market watch activities will continue to monitor the energy markets looking for opportunities to better your future market position.

How can you get stared?

It’s as simple as providing us with your utility bills.  There is no incremental cost to you for this assessment.


Utility Bill Audit

Your first step – give us your utility bill so we can understand your utilization patterns and identify opportunities for improvement.


Supplier RFP

Based on our analysis, we prepare a request for pricing for suppliers to bid on and obtain quotes.


Supplier Selection

We provide you with the results of our work – the quote sheet. You select the best option and we obtain a contract from the supplier for execution.

And your savings will begin!

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