We are Your

Partners in Energy Management

Providing Customer Solutions to Lower Your Energy Costs and Usage

We are passionate about helping businesses and commercial facilities of all types become more energy efficient and lower their energy costs.

Circuit Energy Group headquartered in Wayne, NJ, is a network of “Partners in Energy Management” providing customer solutions to reduce energy costs and usage. We are passionate about helping businesses and commercial facilities of all types become more energy efficient. Our goal is to help lower your energy cost and reduce your carbon footprint while improving the environment.

Services we offer

We provide a wide variety of services to our clients, including:

Utility Bill Auditing

We use your bills to understand your utilization patterns and identify opportunities for improvement

Procurement (electricity & natural gas)

Circuit Energy Group is a full-service energy solution provider, specializing in the procurement and management of electricity and natural gas.

LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are some of the most efficient lighting methods available.


CEG makes it easy and affordable to “go solar”. Solar Energy is a cost-effective environmental source of electrical power generation

Building Automation

Building automation is the automatic centralized control of a building’s HVAC, security systems and other interrelated systems

Demand Response

Circuit Energy Groups demand response programs provides qualifying clients with the opportunity to generate revenue

Co-gen / CHP

Co-gen, or cogeneration, is when two or more separate forms of energy are produced by the same source.

EV Charging

Our EV Charging installers provide top of the line electric vehicle charging stations along with high quality installations for your business.


Introducing sustainability into your energy management plans. Purchasing renewable energy goes beyond investing in Solar.

Areas we serve

We work with private and public sector organizations across a wide variety of industries who have significant energy costs that are fundamental to their business

Manufacturers / Industrial


Office Buildings


Healthcare facilities

Municipal and Educational facilities

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